January 16 2010 was when the tide turned. The industry was informed that 2009 revenue from recorded music had risen by 10 percent. Was it a trend? After nearly a decade of declining numbers here was an indication of growth. Among the digital services which accounted for the strong growth were Nokia's Comes with Music and the Swedish company Spotify.

That same year in 2010, Musiksverige was founded and after the release party on November 9, it was determined that the organization's first task would be to produce reliable statistics on the entire music industry economic development, not just revenue from recorded music. The methodology we devised is now also being used by other creative industries and it has also inspired several of our Nordic neighbors.

I would like to believe that even back then we understood its importance so that years later, we could reflect on reliable industry statistics. Now that we have statistics for seven years (2009–2015), it has indeed become a central tool because in economic terms explain how we work and in which direction we are heading.

As stated in the report, growth remains very strong. We hope that the knowledge of our economic history creates conditions for policy and the outside world to understand the challenges that also exists in a prospering industry.

Ludvig Werner
Chairman of the Board, Musiksverige