Specifically, using sales statistics based on SNI-code 90.02 Support company for artistic enterprises.

A detailed description of how this percentage is set to take part in the Music industry – method development. The report is available here.

Both Swedish and international concerts or management company help to organize and manage the performances of some Swedish artists and musicians abroad. When Swedish artists collaborate with foreign agents, management and / or the organizers, the concert related export revenue to Sweden is made up of only the artist wages. This therefore differs from concerts performed in Sweden, where sales correspond to the full value of tickets sold.


Erik Lundin Photo: Joel Nyström
Seinabo Sey Photo: Andreas Öhlund & Maria Therese
Nina Kinert Photo: Mathias Johansson
Amason Photo: Tobias Center Wall
Andrea Tarrodi Photo: Louisa Sundell
Sven-Bertil Taube Photo: Lina Eidelberg